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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!

Beautifying transportation


The dream of the taxi fabric team in Mumbai is to make transportation more beautiful through design. The India-based artists want to emphasize the impact design can create and to shift attention to the fact that young people have only few spaces to present their skills.


From A to Z around the world


Two Indian design students created a series entitled „Around the World with Type“, mixing typography and photography. The alphabet is represented by famous cities starting with the corresponding letter. Our favourite, of course, is the last of the 26 artworks, dedicated to the letter Z...


The secret life of the starbucks siren


Have you ever been wondering what the Starbucks siren does all day? Art director Abe 'Fox' Green knows the answer...

More pictures here.

Looking for summer?


The last few weeks we were spoilt with great weather und hot temperatures. Now that the sky is full of clouds we are dreaming of the sun – are you too? Just look at these pictures and your summer mood will be back. In a second. We promise.

More here

Social transformation with colors


This social project had a colorful effect: The government of mexico recently collaborated with a group of local street artists to paint the facades of 209 homes in the district of Palmitas in Pachuca. The idea of the project was to achieve visual and social transformation by temporarily providing jobs and reduce violence in the neighborhood. 


New publication


The permanent documentation of everything may seem like a recent phenomenon, but Andy Warhol has already been taking pictures of himself and the celebrities buzzing around him many years ago. He took countless instant photos, many of which have been sold at auctions. 700 of his less famous snapshots can be seen in the forthcoming book „Andy Warhol Polaroids, 1958-1987“. Have a look!



Earth from another angle


Russian blogger Dmitri Pisankodes produced a time-lapse video from images of the NASA archives. Watch it and enjoy a breathtaking trip into space.


Dior & I


This documentary privileges the viewer with a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Raf Simon’s first haute couture collection as the new artistic director of the iconic fashion house Dior -  a true labor of love created by a dedicated group of collaborators.

Released in the German-speaking Switzerland today!

The experience of space


Belgian architects and artists Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout van Vaerenbergh realized a sculptural, immersive and graphic labyrinth in a former coal mine in Genk, Belgium. The maze measures 37.5 square metres and uses 186 tons of steel plates for its walls. Focusing on the experience of space, the labyrinth places visitors within different geometric structures that make strolling through it to a sequence of spacial and scultural experiences.


Life's a beach


If your’e anywhere near Nice during the next few weeks don’t miss Martin Parr’s pop-up exhibition Life’s a Beach, Un Anglais à Nice at Le Théâtre de la Photographie et de l’Image. The pictures of his excursion on the French Riviera document in a hilarious way the melting pot of characters that populate the beaches.


The beautiful product of crying


Have you ever thought of tears as something beautiful? Dutch photographer Maurice Mikkers did so – and produced a photos series of tears seen through microscope. According to him, the reason of tears affects their pattern.


Branders featured in the Werbewoche


The current issue of the Werbewoche print edition dedicates a whole page to our Spaghetti Factory case. Read here what they write about our marketing measures to revise the restaurant group's brand image.

The looks of music


When music is played the senses are typically drawn to the sounds. Photographer Stephen Orlando focuses on the nearly imperceptible movements of musicians instead. With LED lights and a long exposure he is able to track the movements of the instruments and to create colorful pictures. So this is what music looks like.



Just print it!


When we think of the production of clothes, words like „sewing“ or „knitting“ come to our minds. Designer Danit Peleg uses a totally different approach. She has created a clothing line entirely 3D printed. Her designs are based on triangular compositions and look like lace and mesh – at least from a distance. This might be a new way to avoid the long queue for the changing rooms, just print your clothes at home! All you need is a basic printing machine and 3D software. 


Endless circle


A normal bridge brings you from A to B. Not this one: If you walk on this sculpture by Danish architecture office Gjøde & Povlsgaard Arkitekter you get on and off the bridge at A. It is called Den Uendelige Bro – The Infinite Bridge, and is located on the banks of the Thors Møllebæk River. However, although you get off at A again, you’re not the same anymore, after having enjoyed a panoramic view of the place and the historic landscape. 



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