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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!


Imagine..white house interiors


Each time a new president moves into the White House, the decor also undergoes a regime change, as the incoming First Family puts its personal stamp on the best-known residence in the United States. Five designers  David Netto, Betsy Burnham, Robert Couturier, Alexandra Loew and Brian J. McCarthy reveal how they would decorate the executive maison for the actual running candidates Clinton and Trump. Take a look! 
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The Vision Van from Mercedes-Benz Vans is a revolutionary van study for the urban environment. As an integrated system, the vehicle merges a number of innovative technologies for last-mile delivery operations and thus sets the standard of performance requirements and solutions for future generations of vans. 

Tom Ford


Does everything fashion designer Tom Ford touches turn into gold? Nocturnal Animals is the title of his second film creation. The trailer suggests an enigmatic thriller starring Academy Award nominees Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal and is based on the novel ‘Tony and Susan’ by Austin Wright. As with his debut Tom Ford not only directed and co-produced the film but also wrote the screenplay. The film was shot in L.A. and the preview alludes to the same mysteriously enticing vibe as Lynch’s ‘Mulholland Drive’. Check it out!



Yulia Brodskaya


Russian artist and illustrator Yulia Brodskaya creates expressive three-dimensional works of art using a quilling techniqueis that seem to be like colorful paintings. She rolls or bends strips of paper and later glues them to the surface, resulting in vibrant colors and depth. In her new creations she celebrates the beauty of the age. Therefore uses light and fark colors to reproduce lights and shadows on faces.

David Beckham campaign for H&M


Bringing together one of the world’s biggest icons with the global comedy star, David Beckham has reunited with Kevin Hart for the new Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham campaign for H&M. The commercial is set on a road trip, with David and Kevin wearing identical looks from the autumn/winter 16 collection. The full commercial launches on hm.com September 26.



...back to single week-ends! 

Bunnie Reiss


Artist Bunnie Reiss enjoys transforming the old into new, and has spent her life as a collector of weathered objects with rich stories. Reiss’s ongoing project turns her collection of old leather gloves into bright works of art, utilizing symmetry and cosmic imagery to connect both the past and present. The gloves are not obvious references to animal faces, but subtle gestures that reference eyes, ears, and noses within their design. Just in time fo our autumn collection, thank you Bunnie! 

Christian Siriano and Lane Bryant


It's not often we see plus size models at New York Fashion Week, let alone five plus size models — all seamlessly integrated with their straight size counterparts at Christian Siriano's Spring/Summer 2017 show. The designer teamed up with Lane Bryant for a collection, which broke all of the stereotypical plus-size fashion rules. Last saturday, during his rooftop fashion show the designer proved that bold colors and prints can look awesome on every body type. Thank you Christian! 



Federico Landini & Ray Oranges


A beautiful minimal 4x4 type illustration series about the four elements on which human existence is based: Life, Love, Home & Time created and designed by Federico Landini & Ray Oranges.



Simple is a term which can be associated to a positive or negative meaning. Taken to an extreme, being “simple” connotes the unsophisticated, very ordinary state. But simple within the context of “simplicity” can be the realization of the effortless, the embodiment of the easily operable, and the sincerely beautiful. In the case of the Osloform Serpentine Stereo, the latter definition is definitely applicable, a very simple and timeless stereo speaker system.

Leica Sofort


Moments that must be framed and captured to hold in your hand – transformed into lifelong memories that you can relive again and again. The Leica Sofort was created precisely for these moments. The first instant camera from Leica. Find more about it! 

Christian Louboutin - Fragrances


In 2014, French designer Christian Louboutin stepped into the beauty space. Inspired by the scarlet soles of his famous shoes, he not only built an iconic brand but also upgraded the shoe game to Carrie Bradshaw-level status. Now, with a global fashion empire, a successful stiletto-inspired nail polish, and a lipstick lineup it’s time for...what else? A fragrance. Well, three actually. Louboutin is plunging into the fragrance world, launching three scents at once. Take a look!

Richard John Seymour


British photographer Richard John Seymour was selected by the Tate as one of the emerging talents under 26. The young artist made an unusual trip to Yiwu in the province of Zhejiang, South Shanghai, in what appears to be a giant modern Ali Baba cave supplying the world with tons of plastic toys and synthetic flowers. Traders keep busy as they can while waiting for the buyers, being stuck in these abundnace boxes however, doesn’t seem to make them so happy. On the photographer’s website, the pictures shown represent only 10% of the pictures shot and less than 0.1% of the stores in Yiwu. 

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