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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!




Mercedes Benz


Kids love to crash toy cars. But what happens if they can’t? For the promotion of the new Brake Assist System PLUS, Mercedes-Benz positioned super strong magnets inside toy cars, and delivered them to people with the highest safety demands, namely: families. The aim was to show them live at home a system that avoids crashes – hated by kids, loved by adults. Take a look! 

H&M World Recycle Week featuring M.I.A.


World Recycle Week represents the new global H&M initiative which is part of H&M’s goal drawing attention to the climate change and recycle unwanted clothing to produce recycled textile fibres for new fashion items. During this year’s World Recycle Week, H&M aims to collect 1,000 tonnes of garments from its customers in exchange for store credit. To raise awareness, the fashion giant cooperated with M.I.A and filmed an exclusive new music video highlighting the environmental impact of clothes going to landfills around the world. The actual World Recycle Week takes place April 18 – April 24. Rewear it! 

Happy Sechseläuten Zürich!


Since the early 20th century Sechse-läuten belongs to the traditional spring festivity of the Swiss city of Zürich. Usually celebrated on the 3rd Monday of April, following the parade of the Zünfte (guilds), the climax of the holiday is to burn of the Winter in effigy, in the form of the Böögg, a figure of a snowman prepared with explosives. The shorter it's burning time, the better are the forecast for a warm and long summer season. Let's cross the finger -  Happy Sechseläuten Zürich!

The Upper House


Rich, beautiful or famous they already are. So how do you offer more or less prominent frequent flyers a hotel experience they will never forget? Marcel Thoma of The Upper House in Hong Kong and his team have found a striking secret formula: With a service that appears to read the minds of their prestigious clientele.

STRING shelves


It may appear unusual that something as common as shelves become a design classic, but some times the most simple things reflect their times so perfectly that they become timeless - as the STRING shelves. A competition launched by the great Swedish publisher Bonnier in 1949 initiated STRING's  success history. The assignement was: The Swedes wanted a functional, economic and easy to assemble bookshelf design. Nisse String had a brilliant idea and, of course, won the first prize. Thanks to their lightness aesthetics, semplicity and mix of modularity STRING shelves are a triumphant system since over sixty years. 

Rock Melt


Rock Melt is the name of a project by Sydney-based artist Jamie North who was inspired by the quote of Karl Marx ‘All that is solid melts into air’.  The exhibition composed of six large sculptural columns express the plant's life growing from concrete pylons in an evident state of deterioration. Persuaded by native flora growing accidentally from rocket cracks in buildings, Rock melt, represents the union between degenaration and recovery as well as nature and architecture. 

Chloé Bandana Bags


This is one is for you ladies: As you all know, there are bags, and then there are Chloé bags — so let's be reminded why we all love the latter so much. Inagurating the Chloe Fall/Winter 2016 Runway Bag Collection, the Maison Mode introduced only one new bag style in the runway, namely the Lexa Satchel Bag. Creative Director Clare Waight Keller has been inspirated from the French journalist and writer Anne-France Dautheville who travelled from Paris through the Middle East in the 70s using a motorcycle. Instead of small and delicate purses with chain straps, Lexa takes the Chloé girl to an unforgettable journey. 





Within his latest project called Impernanence German photographer Matthias Haker shows a particular characteristic - he loves to explore the architectural traces of isolated buildings. From vanishing hotel lobbies, to deserted ballrooms Haker restores a sense of self-respect to each of the ruined structures. Highlighting the abstract beauty of the buildings and adding the layers of the deteriorating architecture, his photographs almost look like paintings. Check this out! 

Ivy Park


Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is the latest music star trying her hand within fashion design. With the launch of Ivy Park, the pop queen presents her line of activewear and athleisure, a fashion concept which succeeded thanks in part to designers such as Alexander Wang and even Kanye West. Ivy Park is a joint venture between Ms. Knowles-Carter and Sir Philip Green, who owns giant retailer Topshop. 
Nordstorm.com  / Ivypark.com

R.I.P Prince


"A strong spirit transcends rules." - Prince

Frank Tjepkema


Dutch designer Frank Tjepkema founded his Amsterdam based design agency Tjep in 2001. His team composed of highly motivated designers realizes projects as for Heineken, Droog, Camper, British Airways and Ikea. The aim of every project is to question tranditional perspectives and thus begin all project with a 'why?'. Every implementation combines visual elegance with innovative thoughts and practical properties. Tjep's work shall add excellence, aspriation and astonishement to the world. 

Mademoiselle Maurice


French street artist Mademoiselle Maurice presents her new artfully decorated crations on the streets and buildings of Italy, Corsica, Sweden and Singapore. By arranging both randomly but also in detail elaborated patterns, Mademoiselle Maurice creates stunning brilliantly colored origami works in unexpected places. From the ceilings of national art museums to the worn sides of ancient buildings, take a look at these awesome pieces of art.

Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht


What else to add to a woman whose name alone is as distinguished and artful as her 100 years? Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht was an artist but evenmore a woman of the castle. Her life story expanded through the pictures, belongings, paintings, leather-bound books and even stones  that fill her canal house in Amsterdam. She never learned how to cook insted she provided sanctuary to German Jewish teenagers during the second World War. A time where life was hidden, but rich in poetry, literature, painting and drawing. 

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