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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!






Right in the middle of a field located on a Copenhagen rooftop, Danish food writer Mette Helbæk and chef Flemming Schiøtt Hansen own a fascinating eco-friendly restaurant. Stedsans, which refers to the idea of ‘a sense of place’ in Danish, offers menues concentrating on plants and vegetables from organic farmers in the region. While the menu varies every week, the five courses are consistently served ‘family-style’ at a large joint table. Guests are welcome to seat quite close to each other in order to not share only food but also stories in a comfy setting the Danes call ‘hygge’. Having dinner in the greenhouse of the rooftop, surrounded by blossoming plants and with clear views to the stars will serve you some magical nights, promised! 

Peter Qvist


Danish designer Peter Qvist, who's popular for creating iconic state of the art furniture pieces has now launched Peak Lounge Chair & Peak Footstool, two chairs which combine advanced 3D modeling with skilled craftsmanship. One piece is designed to match the other but can also be used as a standalone sculptural stool. The union of sophistication and adventure which meets simplicity and elegance, is what makes this pair unique. Take a look! 

Torafu wraps Aesop in limestone


After two successfully designed Aesop stores in Japan including one in Kyoto and Osaka, Japanese architects Torafu have completed their third fit-out of the Australian skincare Aesop. The store is located in the NEWoMan shinjuku shopping mall, which houses a selected collection of concept stores within the ward’s train station - the busiest in the world. The compact 46-square metre wall-less space is constructed mainly from limestone. This characteristic, palpable material is often used for flooring, pillars and fixtures, which appear to be sculpted from a single mass. 

Cherry Blossoms Flood


Tokyo-based photographer Danilo Dungo has a special technique to capture the arrival of Japan’s most magical season, the cherry blossoms. After all, there are only a few places in the world which do spring like Japan. While common photography capture the park’s beauty, the artist uses drones, which with their aerial shots reveal a complete new perspective. When seen from a great height, the blossoms in a river stream turn the lake in a surreal pink, a view unsighted by most before the drone age. Take a look at the stunning pictures! 


NikeLab X Olivier Rousteing


French fashion designer Olivier Rousteing is known for tailoring formfitting shapes, but it’s his passion for football — dating back to childhood — that sits at the heart of the NikeLab x Olivier Rousteing: Football Nouveau collection. The second cooperation in NikeLab’s Summer of Sport series marks Nike's innovation with Rousteing’s creative vision.



Budweiser as America


Until the November presidential election, Budweiser is swapping out everything on its can, including its own name. The aim: to be as patriotic as possible. As part of its summer-long campaign America is in your hands, Budweiser will rebrand as “America” on the front of its cans and bottles. Designed in partnership with Jones Knowles Ritchie in New York, the new cans will feature in an advert that will air on 1 June and will be available across the US. 

Everyone`s Fanhansa


Usually it comes out differently than expected. Just as with the new Lufthansa football fans commercial. What's the experience on a first flight with Lufthansa? Take a look!



Aesop for The Brander


“Less is more, just make sure you take good care of yourself!” Michael states. Aésop CEO Michael O’Keeffe strives for outstanding performance in the various facets of his life. At Aésop, he boosted former hairdresser and company founder Dennis Paphitis’s creations to an entirely new level by creating bespoke boutiques where the products are sold directly to the clientele. Take a read!

Thomas Traum for Victorinox


Victorinox has commissioned the London based digital studio Thomas Traum run by Thomas Eberwein to showcase their FW-16 collection through an innovative installation as part of NYFW at the Swiss Institute in NYC. The arts studio created four distinct environments for four key looks of its new collection. 



Peter Zimmermann


For his latest exhibition Swiss Artist Peter Zimmermann created a unique, large walk-in art experience in the 1902 Museum for new Art in Germany that once housed a girls’ school. For Freiburg school, the artist used the museum’s floor as a canvas, where colorful and glossy pools of resin now cover nearly 425 square meters weaving through several rooms as abstract, fluid shapes. The spacial relationship between the epoxy floor piece and a new series of oil paintings — shown for the first time in this grouping — forms the centerpiece of the show in the artist’s hometown.

Pony M. for The Brander


There’s one question that divides Switzerland almost deeper than the so-called Röstigraben, the Rösti divide, that invisible separation between the German and French-speaking parts of the country, namely: Which of the two big supermarket chains, Migros or Coop, do you champion? It is therefore our great pleasure to present to you this delightful declaration of love written by Swiss blogger Pony M. to the orange giant Migros.

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