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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!

Turning 30 described in graphs and charts


This completely scientific analysis of what it means to turn 30 made us smile.

Source: http://www.thebolditalic.com

Lifelike wire animal sculptures


British artist Kendra Haste works with galvanized wire layers to design lifelike reproductions of animal creatures.

Andrew B. Myers


«To me, absurdity is the only reality.»

Photography by Andrew B. Myers
Title: Frank Zappa

Source: http://tinyurl.com/mkg6tbe

An illustration to fall in love with


Source: http://thedesignjunction.co.uk

Egg McMuffin rise


Agency Cossette came up with an amusing digital billboard that syncs McDonald's Egg McMuffin with the sunrise.

Source: Branding Magazine 

Someone new


Irish singer-songwriter Hozier released the video for his latest single of his self-titled debut, «Someone New» on Monday and it stars a familiar face: Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer. Hozier himself appears only in backlit silhouette for the track, as the story splits between Dormer scouring the streets for her latest distraction and her imagination of what might come to be.

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Surreal photographs


Berlin-based photographer Erik Johansson creates stunning images. The Photoshop wizard uses a combination of traditional photography and digital manipulation techniques to produce his pieces. One of his images can actually consist of hundreds of different captures that he merges in one photo. As he says, he 'doesn’t capture moments, he captures ideas'. You can also follow him via Facebook.

Source: http://www.ignant.de

Matière Noire


Montreal-based fashion studio Matière Noire has the world on a string with these hand-wrapped, die-cut business cards.

Source: www.underconsideration.com

Hello Monday


Shake it off


Haters probably come with the territory when you're the leader of the United States, but President Barack Obama is making the strategic maneuver to take Taylor Swift's advice and shake them off. YouTube content creator Baracksdub put together a supercut of Obama's presidential speeches to create the illusion of the Commander in Chief getting down to Taylor's latest hit.

London is changing


Public art project London is Changing makes Londoners uncomfortably aware of the truths we're perhaps trying to ignore: that the city is morphing beyond recognition, that creativity is at risk, and that for many people, it's simply becoming unaffordable.

The project has been initiated by Central Saint Martins communication design course leader Rebecca Ross and her assistant Duarte Carrilho da Graça, and uses huge black and white billboards to show messages from Londoners about their city. Many tell the story of those priced out and forced to leave, while others voice concerns about how long they will be able to stay.

London is Changing collects these views on a website which lets users submit their views, with the data being collected throughout 2015. Rebecca hopes the findings will «encourage discussion about the impact of economic and policy changes on the culture of diversity of London.»

Visual nomination package


The nomination package for the Best Picture Category in the 2015 Academy Awards, as part of a series of 20 different graphic title sequence packages for each category within the show. Commissioned by Show Producer Lee Lodge

What to do with coffee marks


It's probably the most sophisticated way to handle coffee marks: artist Carter Asmann interprets his stains on white sheets of paper with very detailed pencil drawings. Sometimes the brownish and circular marks turn into a motorcycle, a bicycle or car wheels.

True love


elsewhere by Kuoni


With the help of our global correspondents at The Brander, we helped travel agent Kuoni Schweiz create some beautiful travel tales, photo galleries and video clips for their brand new online magazine «elsewhere».

Feel free to get carried away by our stories in Egypt, Indonesia, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and South Africa: 

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