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In our journal, the empty space belongs to the most imaginative and inspiring brands. We'll point out which brands and ideas made us look and we will be happy if you'll share yours with us!

Cecil Beaton's word for the weekend.


Strive for extraordinary!


«It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation» - Herman Melville, American Novelist

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Coachella Street Style


Is there any more fashionable music festival than Coachella? We don't think so. Summer beats. Beauties all around and the feeling of complete freedom. Reason enough to dress up like at no other place. Cheack out best of Coachella Street Style.

… and if you ask yourself where else then your mother's 70ies wardrobe you can get all these fancy parts... no worries. H&M captures the mood and has it ready-to-shop in an festival-inspired collection H&M loves Coachella.

Listen. Smile. Agree.


rain works!


With this on-off rainy weather we think it's time to appreciate the beauty of rain – and a few creative guys from Seattle thought the same. The aim of Rainworks is to create beautiful messages that appear only when it rains. «It's going to rain anyway. We want to make people smile on rainy days.»

We like!


Milan: first Interior-friendly TV


Have you ever dreamed of being in one room with your favourite TV star? Have you ever thought of not having a TV because even the flattest designed TV doesn't fit into your interior composition?

Well here you can have it both. 

With the merger of Japanese design (Yusuke Tsujika) and SONY technology the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector is definitely one of the presented innovations to watch from Salone Mobile this year.

Will be launched in June.

architecture meets yoga


Summer is coming. New ways of getting in shape too. Urban yoga - a new beautiful approach to feeling and designing space, a philosophy of imagination, perception of space vs. human body. 


A beautiful photography series from NYC, Madrid, Paris, London, Ljubljana brings together architectural theory and the philosophy of Yoga. 

And yes. The model is actually an architect.

Stirred, shaken or art-crafted?


How would you like your drink? Traditional japanese distilling company Suntory – renowned for its history and heritage in whiskey making – add a new dimension to the bartender's question. Despite their traditional status, the more than 100 year old brand decided to work with some of the latest technological systems for a recent campaign.

‘3D on the rocks‘ is a collection of CNC-milled ice cubes made especially for their product, intricately crafted in architectural, human and domestic shapes. the objects range from an astronaut to kinkaku-ji, a japanese temple, each sculpted from a single block of ice and carved into based on a three-dimensional render.

After-easter workout


Too much chocolate? Shake it off!

Treat me like …


… fire. One of our April tune treats for you that we'd like to share in full visual version too;) enjoy!

Transform Award Europe - Bachem


We proudly announce that Transform Award Europe has recognized our Rebranding Project for Bachem Group with Bronze for Best Visual Identity in the health care sector. Check out the bespoke case here… clap clap to the team!

Transform Award Europe 2015

House of Car(d)s


What testimonial campaign would you have guessed when thinking of Frank Underwood aka Kevin Spacey... a family car?...

Creating interactive artwork.


If you’ve ever peeped a look at anything Aakash Nihalani has done, chances are you were mesmerized from the get-go. For his latest project, entitled Projections, the artist created a series of interactive video installations that fall in that category too because you won’t be able to stop staring at them.

This series shows geometric designs being projected onto a white wall, becoming an interactive canvas for the viewer. Using coding and motion software, a sensor follows the viewer’s hand movements and, in real time, the projected design springs to life. Once the onlooker starts to interact with the piece, the true personality of it comes through and you notice the unique sculptural quality that each one has. The result is unpredictable and only determined by human interaction. Take a look!

Love is a wild bird


Stromae's latest tune «Carmen» seems vaguely familiar, because the track is a reworking of an operatic classic, the «Habanera» from Bizet's opera «Carmen».  «L'amour est un oiseau rebelle que nul ne peut apprivoiser,» the seductive Carmen sings: «Love is a wild bird that no one can tame.» In his song, Stromae twists Carmen's metaphor into a piercing commentary on one of the biggest forces in contemporary life.

The video was directed by the Academy Award-nominated French comic artist, animator and director Sylvain Chomet, who directed the 2003 film «The triplets de Belleville» and 2010's «The Illusionist».



Some inspiration for a monday morning that will take you more than a klick to get fully inspired, it will take a few days!! until it is in your actual mailbox,  it's a printmagazine...

Mags, mags, mags – in our industry you sometimes wonder why people say "print is over" – since other than in the newspapers-industry where more and more papers get closed or shift digital, Magazines keep popping up like flowers in spring. And sometimes it is hard to distinguish the good from the bad at the newspaper-stand. 

Luckily there are the good ones, the real good ones, the ones that can not be replaced by digital platforms for moodboardresearch, inspiration on saturdays or a good read in your holidays. One of those is a relatively new magazine that we absolutely love – VIOLET. Successful publisher Leith Clark and Valentine Fillol-Cordier wanted to create an on-going dialogue between iconic women and notables of fashion, cinema and art. We think they succeeded.

Above all - we think they perfectly merged great content with even better visual inspiration.

A highly recommended read.

violetbook.co.uk (this is not the online version - there is only print:)

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