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dailymuse  The Muse
.@GrammarGirl explains why the English language has silent letters: http://t.co/gyulZVINWM.
07 minutes ago

st_ffen  Steffen Burkhardt
Les photos «qui changent le monde» changent-elles vraiment le monde? http://t.co/1izmiA7TeQ
07 minutes ago

NZZ  Neue Zürcher Zeitung
RT @ErichAschi: Merkel bleibt vage: Für diese Erkenntnis hätte sie nicht in die Schweiz reisen müssen http://t.co/cUqfXlhkHo via @NZZ
10 minutes ago

gorillavsbear  chris cantalini
i'm on @SIRIUSXM @siriusxmu today from 12-2 EST. new @EmpressOf @CousinStizz @d_d_elle @nbabybell @toroymoi + more https://t.co/DfmRBbM3Kh
12 minutes ago

vmagazine  V Magazine
Watch the trailer for the latest installment of @MIUMIUofficial's Women's Tales series http://t.co/wnI44Giqon http://t.co/B9Afr6ybGK
13 minutes ago

BrandRepublic  BrandRepublic
"The next gen of digital experiences will be much more visual, feed-driven and personalised" http://t.co/NwLDkSbuEn http://t.co/lSJGaw8gX7
17 minutes ago

jayrosen_nyu  Jay Rosen
At 11:00 ET I'm on @MPR with host @KerriMPR and Paul Farhi of WaPost talking Trump and newsroom objectivity. Listen: http://t.co/M0dBmZDzsp
17 minutes ago

designboom  designboom
#gwenaelnicolas envisions an everyday interior landscape in different dimensions http://t.co/ok7WvdUbP1 http://t.co/dTCtwy5nyj
17 minutes ago

Personalisierung von der Maschine, Breaking-News von Menschenhand: Upday im MEEDIA-Check... http://t.co/J1ieEAP49o
21 minutes ago

HungerMagazine  Hunger Magazine
We 💗💗these new @rihanna for #Dior images: http://t.co/6e7VKO0deK http://t.co/0oseZqyYJz
22 minutes ago

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