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dailymuse  The Muse
Stop using these job search tactics immediately: http://t.co/H5zxLZgOTV. http://t.co/0nJIbQvXuz
32 minutes ago

Upworthy  Upworthy
This little kid has a big message for guys checking out his mom. http://t.co/vk026GNT7A http://t.co/njiCqtZ52E
32 minutes ago

TheFrameworks  The Frameworks
Is there any value for brands left in the #SuperBowl ad slot? http://t.co/yBHNdvWD5M #SuperBowlXLIX http://t.co/j9s0PpMzH9
33 minutes ago

mashable  Mashable
'SNL' parodies sexist stereotypes in Super Bowl ads. Watch: http://t.co/6Yek8gYFV6 http://t.co/4rR5i6FwFo
37 minutes ago

Schwellung am Auge, Sicht gestört: Die Patientin leidet an einer Entzündung - aber welcher Art? http://t.co/edQFlWws6E
38 minutes ago

voguemagazine  Vogue Magazine
Can you guess who our favorite NFL WAG is? http://t.co/Jq6jfD1HWJ
38 minutes ago

jayrosen_nyu  Jay Rosen
There should be a bloggers' vaccination for "the end of _____" arguments. Anyway, Krugman on end-of-blogging claims. http://t.co/VUtm2rTwce
42 minutes ago

mashable  Mashable
Super Bowl XLIX preview: The battles (and balls) to watch. http://t.co/b5n6qZnEI8 http://t.co/qyOZnDskSq
49 minutes ago

HungerMagazine  Hunger Magazine
Seen @seeinherentvice yet? Here's director #PaulThomasAnderson's take on it. http://t.co/RJqwHbLpED http://t.co/tCRIu329Ul
51 minutes ago

Zum Verkaufsstart der Apple Watch sollen die Läden mit speziellen Tresoren ausgerüstet werden http://t.co/itvpOd9wWQ http://t.co/IrUGozsQFR
55 minutes ago

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