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Upworthy  Upworthy
Every straight, single lady feminist will want to marry @steve_shives after this. http://t.co/i689ZMht0h http://t.co/NyJXRdDahQ
54 minutes ago

fieldguided  Anabela Piersol
This story hurts my heart. Italy’s struggling glass-makers are ‘waiting to die’ http://t.co/nzYM53pXpT
56 minutes ago

mashable  Mashable
How Israeli extremists use WhatsApp to incite violence http://t.co/aHH3Bq24tY
57 minutes ago

dailymuse  The Muse
In 2015, advertising will incorporate more audience targeting http://t.co/CZnls9UuFl http://t.co/M5UolkBoNf
1 hours ago

mashable  Mashable
Ice pancakes the size of plates found on Scottish river http://t.co/pnTlNvQeFK
1 hours ago

frankiemagazine  frankie magazine
if you're looking for something to paint during your time off, why not start with some meringues? http://t.co/s66SkaEXzc
1 hours ago

designboom  designboom
'like talking to a brick wall...' http://t.co/8LaeurUu6Z http://t.co/avIWtl9zwj
1 hours ago

designmilk  Design Milk
A Seattle Home Steps Away from the Water http://t.co/gCTOrHE6sq http://t.co/7r6VNgN076
1 hours ago

mashable  Mashable
NASA releases 'astronaut's-eye view' of Orion spacecraft's re-entry http://t.co/iNH6Bev5PH
1 hours ago

TheCut  The Cut
What's that fragrance, Margiela? http://t.co/Rw2q6TxatY http://t.co/wClu2qUHME
1 hours ago

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