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The Brander can be found on Facebook and Twitter, where we share what we do and like and, where we gather information we think is interesting for you as our reader, too. So these are the Tweets we follow and feed our newsfeed with: the good, the mad and the lovely:

Upworthy  Upworthy
2 guys in bad costumes want to build an app that could change the course of history. http://t.co/hv1pfXEuKB http://t.co/ANZM2klmTJ
15 minutes ago

HungerMagazine  Hunger Magazine
Where art meets religion & technology; we meet Michael Takeo Magruder http://t.co/yIBDOJ6xkR http://t.co/mo8REV9KB7
15 minutes ago

mashable  Mashable
.@Beyonce hosts a super-silly, pants-less hotel party in this surprise '7/11' video http://t.co/4xwT8YUNQT http://t.co/L21szLkwMR
16 minutes ago

SibylleBerg  sibylle berg
qualifizierte Vergewaltigung? http://t.co/N1VzAIEubl
16 minutes ago

#H5N8-Virus: Zweiter #Vogelgrippe-Fall in Meck-Pom binnen weniger Wochen - erstmals bei einem Wildvogel http://t.co/nJUpw2KFTx (red)
20 minutes ago

hellogiggles  HelloGiggles.com
We love @serial, but is the whole thing a little problematic? Let's discuss: http://t.co/5MsfKHXYuF http://t.co/yvSVmxBh6k
23 minutes ago

dailymuse  The Muse
Rejoice: Here's a productivity hack that actually works http://t.co/cdgHkuxg4s http://t.co/j4ouiWwDvD
23 minutes ago

jayrosen_nyu  Jay Rosen
We're looking for people with expertise who want to be interviewed for our "agile in the newsroom" project. Read: https://t.co/QLF7GHYfy2
25 minutes ago

DeanAndDeLuca  Dean & DeLuca
If you loved our #PoachedPear idea from yesterday it's a necessity you visit us today and get the recipe + ideas... http://t.co/Hs7fztwDNG
29 minutes ago

designtaxi  TAXI
#Recap - Mom gets children excited about lunch with fun lunch bags http://t.co/vIZnNluIKm http://t.co/qhydf4J2sr
30 minutes ago

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