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The Brander − Creators
of Brands

Our first book was released in March 2013. This richly illustrated publication contains selected portraits of brand creators who have allowed us to peek behind the scenes.

The book is available in well-assorted bookshops.


Price: 29,90 EUR / 45.90 CHF
Pages: 288 (300 Pictures)
Brand reports: 29
Language: Bilingual in German and English
Cover: Hardcover
Size: 21 x 27,5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-944296-00-5

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In 2013, we started to publish a selection of assorted brand stories. With this The Brander has become more than an online magazine, yet equally it is also more than just a book. Initially, in digital and now also available in analog form, The Brander portrays the creations, the passions, the ideas along with a myriad of dreams realized by these individuals.

The focus of each article is on quality, transparency and sustainability along with the creative process that went into creating each brand. With our customary detailed interviews and stunning photo spreads we introduce these successful entrepreneurs and their business concepts to you.

The book is being released in collaboration with Eden Books, a publishing company of the German publishing group Edel.

The Brander − Food Edition

In this, our second book, we introduce you to 17 extraordinary brand makers and their stories. As the title reveals, this book has a culinary theme. As an extra treat every brand story is rounded off with a recipe for you to try out at home that has been provided by the portrayed brand creators.

This book will be available in bookshops as well as online on amazon and

Price: 30.00 EUR / 45.90 CHF
Pages: 256 (200 Pictures)
Brand reports: 17
Language: Bilingual in German and English
Cover: Hardcover
Size: 21 x 27,5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-944296-69-2

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